Five Guys Ibiza: Elevating Team Success with an Overseas Corporate Event

In 2023, we created a reward and recognition experience like no other for Five Guys, on the stunning Spanish island of Ibiza.

Restaurant chain Five Guys is incredibly committed to celebrating its staff. This is why they tasked us with creating a memorable overseas experience that would reward their 600 international General Managers.

Fourteen Saving Grace Events team members brought this incredible event to life, meticulously planning to make sure every moment surpassed expectations…


The brief: Reward and recognition

This event marked our third international collaboration with Five Guys, and the stage was none other than the iconic Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza. Organising everything from transportation and accommodation to entertainment and catering, our team ensured a fun and memorable event for the Five Guys family.

The brief was all about rewarding and recognising the Five Guys General Managers, as well as connecting employees from around Europe. Fast food is a fiercely competitive marketplace, and Five Guys understands the importance of attracting and retaining the best talent. What better way to achieve this than by connecting employees to the brand in an engaging way that also makes the team feel valued?


Choosing the perfect event destination: Why Ibiza?

We recommended this fun and fashionable destination as it has a youthful appeal that caters to all ages. The island’s cool vibe, combined with its exclusivity and luxury, made it the ideal canvas for a Five Guys event.

Over 600 Five Guys team members stayed between the luxury, five-star Hard Rock and Ushuaïa hotels.


Event themes and entertainment

Event attendees were all provided with branded Five Guys goodie bags. During the first day, an awards ceremony and sit-down meal took place at the Hard Rock Hotel’s outdoor stage, followed by an impressive performance by a Daft Punk tribute band and an after-party in the legendary Third Half Sports Bar.

The following day transitioned seamlessly into a motivating conference. The team were then handed ‘Five Guys passports’, containing a guide to the Ibiza old town, and were given the chance to explore one of the most beautiful cities on the island. The grand finale unfolded at the exclusive Nikki Beach Club, with a huge wrap party, featuring live paella cooking stations and entertainment including a waterball contortionist, Brazillian dancers, DJ Steve O, and the vibrant sounds of Latina band Dos Tiempos.

For the awards ceremony on the first night, we embraced glitz and glamour with a sequins and sparkles dress code. The second night took on a more casual yet fun vibe, accentuated by an abundance of pink flamingos. There were plenty of Instagrammable moments throughout, with 360 photobooths, props, and a photo arch set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Mediterranean sea.

To enhance authenticity, we collaborated with local suppliers, as this fostered sustainability and provided a more authentic experience.


Event highlights

The event’s standout moment would have to be Five Guys’ delight and the resounding success, which was measured by the enjoyment of the General Managers.

We’ve delivered four events in total for Five Guys, and each time the feedback has always been “it’s better than last time; it’s amazing.” Our aim was not only to match but exceed previous successes, and the resounding feedback suggests we achieved just that.

Success is also measured by Five Guys in terms of retention and productivity of staff, which have all increased since delivering these events.


The challenges of planning an overseas event

Planning an event abroad is not without its challenges, from choosing a location that appeals to everyone to securing accommodation for a sizable group. We always try to ensure that each event remains distinct year after year.


Why invest in employee engagement events?

Employee engagement events serve as a platform to communicate strategies, reflect on past successes, reward exceptional performances, and foster a sense of community. Stepping away from the daily grind for these events provides a unique opportunity for teams to connect, unwind, and rejuvenate.


The key to crafting a standout employee engagement event

What makes an event stand out? It starts with understanding the event’s purpose and aligning it with your objectives. At Saving Grace Events, we focus on bringing brand values to life visually and through messaging, creating an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impact.

The Ibiza experience for Five Guys stands as a testament to our commitment to clients and our dedication to bringing their vision to life. We’re already working on 2024 and 2025 events, with talks taking place about 2026!

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