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We offer a fully bespoke, consultative service which means we take the time to understand your vision, the purpose of the event, the flow of the event you have in mind, what you want to achieve from your event and how much support you need from us. No two events are the same and we pride ourselves on creating the perfect event for each individual or company.


With this in mind, we don’t offer blanket packages, but instead provide a tailored quote for you based upon the amount of time we will need to spend to deliver the event you want. Here is a guide on some of the things that may affect pricing:


  • How complex your event is;
  • How many days your event spans;
  • How many project management days are needed;
  • How many other suppliers are needed;
  • Supplier costs (venue, catering, design, AV/Production, decor, entertainment, printing, photography, videography, etc);
  • How many site visits in advance of the event are needed;
  • The size of the event delivery team required for the event itself;
  • Travel and accommodation costs;
  • Set-up time before and after an event;
  • Build days if you have a marquee or structure;
  • Whether there are any administrative support requirements;
  • Any additional licensing or regulatory requirements.


It’s important to also note that we are fully transparent in our pricing and how it is calculated and we will never inflate supplier prices. When you engage us as an events partner, you pay for our time, our expertise, our significant black book of contacts and our negotiating power. It is our job to find you the best suppliers, negotiate the best rates and have your best interests at heart.


If you’d like to understand more about our pricing and chat more specifically about the event you have in mind, do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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We are your Saving Grace. We take the hassle out of planning an incredible event. Let’s be honest… delivering a standout event is time and energy consuming! Our clients often tell us that they simply don’t have the time, inspiration or resources to deliver that corporate, private or charity event and do it justice.

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