Our 5 Top Tips for Planning an International Corporate Event

Whether it’s a reward and recognition incentive, sales conference or product launch, organising an international event can be an exciting way to achieve your business objectives, particularly when it comes to engaging and motivating people.

However, planning an event overseas can also present a unique set of challenges, due to the additional factors that need to be considered. This is especially true if you’re heading to a place that you’ve never been to before.

With 35 years combined experience, the Saving Grace Events team live and breathe events. We’ve delivered hugely successful and engaging corporate events in many locations, including multi-day conferences in Budapest, Ibiza, and Dubrovnik.

Here are our top tips to help you plan a successful international event…


When organising an international event or conference, it’s essential to set and keep in mind the objectives throughout the planning process. Knowing what the event aims to achieve will stabilise all the forward planning and ensure every decision made brings some form of ROI.

For example, a regular client of SGE, Five Guys, wanted to recognise and reward their teams, whilst highlighting and further establishing their company values and effectively communicating important business results and future goals.


When choosing the right location for your overseas event, consider factors such as aesthetics, weather, accessibility, supplier network, availability of transportation, and the infrastructure required to host the event. It’s best to narrow down your research, explore your options and then evaluate the pros and cons for each location.

Site visits are also a great way to find out if the location is for you and your brand, and if the practicalities match the Instagram perception. When planning international events for clients, we always think about factors such as logistics, navigating customs, and working around local processes when liaising with suppliers.


Defining your budget is an important first step for knowing your event’s limitations. Consider all the costs associated with the event, including travel, accommodation, food and drink, venue rental, entertainment, production, decor and staffing. It’s essential to have a realistic budget and to allocate funds wisely to ensure that the event is successful. It is also a good idea to plan for additional costs.


Once you have identified the key objectives, location, and budget for your event, you can begin planning the guest experience and event schedule taking into account all of the elements that needs to be included and the overall event flow.

When planning Five Guys’ Dubrovnik event, we created a three-day schedule, comprising of five individual events; arrival party, awards dinner, conference, excursions and a huge wrap party. Ensure that you allow enough time for attendees to travel to and from the event too.

Despite careful planning, unexpected situations can arise during an international event. Be prepared for contingencies, such as weather-related issues, logistics, technical difficulties, and medical emergencies.


Organising an international event is a massive undertaking, and it’s crucial to have a team of experienced professionals to help you. Consider hiring a team of event planners (like Saving Grace Events!) to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

We have organised events across the globe for both private and corporate clients. From reward and recognition events, overseas conferences and incentives to luxury private parties and weddings we’ve got you covered. We can take care of everything from travel and accommodation to the events themselves and of course all of the usual Saving Grace Events magic touches.


An international event can be super impressive, but it requires careful planning. By following these tips, you can ensure that your event is a success and that you provide attendees with a memorable experience.

To find out how we can help you with your international event, get in touch with our passionate and friendly team.


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