Top Ten Reasons We Love Working in Events

It goes without saying that we are extremely passionate about working in events. We lead with expertise, but it’s the heart that drives everything we do. From getting creative to putting smiles on faces, there are so many reasons why we love working in events.

With 35 years of combined experience between us at Saving Grace Events, we each have our own reasons for working in events. Recently, we sat down as a team to share why we love working in this industry. Here are our top ten…



Seeing a client’s vision come to life, and knowing that we made it happen, is a truly amazing feeling. Nothing matches that unmistakable look of enjoyment on faces. It’s wow moments like this that make it all worthwhile for us. No matter how big the idea, producing memories from an initial vision and exceeding expectations is the reward that we live for.



Here at Saving Grace Events, we never stay in the safe lane. We like to push boundaries to make our events incredible experiences. Whether it’s hosting an event in an unusual setting, like hosting a Charity fundraising event under Concorde or flying out to Dubrovnik for a Game of Thrones tour, we don’t settle for anything less than spectacular. We go above and beyond to create the unexpected and leave guests feeling moved.



It’s our job to turn clients’ visions into realities and sprinkle magic dust along the way. We love being innovative in how we design, plan, and deliver exceptional events. Staying innovative means always having a new trick up our sleeve, as well as a whole host of creative event ideas to draw from. Innovation is also important in the strategic planning of events, especially when they take place abroad or in a more challenging setting. We always have to be ready to adapt to changing circumstances and to continue creating solutions.



Our abilities stretch across every imaginative and creative possibility. For us, no two events are the same, which is one of the reasons why we focus on creating unique events. If a client has a vision in mind, we will bring it to life. If they are struggling with ideas, we will create something bespoke that exceeds requirements. We love bringing what sometimes seems a crazy idea to life. You never know what to expect!



Building relationships with our amazing clients mean the world to us. Working in events mean we get to meet so many incredible people, from clients to suppliers and beyond. We often build such strong relationships that we even end up becoming friends! Meeting new people is definitely one of the many things we love about working in events.



Seeing what our events mean to people is perhaps one of the most rewarding things about working in events. Being part of the happiness, connection, engagement, and fun that arises from something we’ve made is an unforgettable feeling. We live for seeing guests leave our events with wonder on their faces and a twinkle in their eye.



Teamwork most definitely makes the dream work when it comes to events. We love the fun we have as a team and the sense of camaraderie we feel when we come together to pull out all of the stops for our clients. We also enjoy working with our delivery partners.



No two days in events are the same, and we love that! Working in events means there’s never a dull day because each event always has so many unexpected elements to it. We really enjoy the variety involved in working in events. One day, we could be organising a city centre store launch, and the next we could be bringing a graduation ceremony to life. It can be hard work, but we’re never bored!



It goes without saying that a great event usually brings people together, and being part of that is an honour. Whether it’s seeing family and friends celebrating a big birthday, people collectively fundraising for a charity, or team members from around the world coming together to be rewarded for their hard work, we’re in the business of connections.



Whether it’s travelling around the UK or going further afield, working in events allows us to work in different locations. Some of our favourites include travelling to Budapest and Dubrovnik for Five Guys reward and recognition events. We’re able to experience different places and to meet different people, which is fantastic!


To find out more about what we do, get in touch with our passionate and friendly team.


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