Planning The Perfect Winter Wedding

Planning The Perfect Winter Wedding

A winter wedding can be both beautiful and magical when well-thought-out and planned right. Most brides prefer to have the event indoors, but this doesn’t limit the amount of imagination and personalisation you can add to your big day. You can have amazing crisp colour palettes, show-stopping outfits and a luxurious aesthetic your guests will drool over.

However, planning a wedding can often be stressful, more so if you are planning it all over again after it was cancelled due to Covid-19. Rearranging the venue, hiring new caterers and finding the right decor can all overwhelm an already stressed bride and groom. With the help of Saving Grace Events, we can ensure your winter wedding is both romantic and luxe, by helping organise everything from the colour of the chairs to the cake. We go the extra mile to guarantee that you are completely satisfied and overjoyed with your wedding so that you can spend the best day of your life, focusing on having fun.

Please keep reading for top tips on planning the perfect winter wedding, from how we can help you narrow down your venue choices to hiring the most out-there entertainment.

Finding The Perfect Venue

When deciding on the ideal venue for your wedding, you need to take into account that winter days are shorter and the sun will set a lot earlier than during summer. Make sure you visit a potential venue during the evening so you can see what the set up will look like in the moonlight with lighting features.

Choosing the venue can be one of the hardest but most essential choices. But, you don’t have to do this alone. Provide Saving Grace Events with a list of what you are looking for in a venue, whether that’s a vibe, capacity or location, and we can narrow down the list, so it’s quicker and easier for you to find the perfect place.

Think About The Weather

Most winter weddings take place indoors due to the cold temperatures, but if any part of your big day is taking place outside like fireworks or a dancefloor, then you need to plan for the weather. When booking certain events or venues years in advance, you can’t check the weather to choose the perfect day. And if there is a storm or snowfall on the day, some suppliers may even find it hard to travel. Make sure you have a back-up plan in place in case the weather isn’t on your side on the big day.

Make a list of these ‘could-go-wrongs’ with Saving Grace Events, and we can ensure we have a back-up plan for everything in place. The reassurance that there is always someone or something waiting in the wings to make your wedding go ahead without a hitch will keep your anxiety levels down before and during the big day.

Do You Have The Dress?

Wedding outfits are just as important as the venue for any bride and groom. You want to look your best on the day and wear something you would never get to wear otherwise. When the budget isn’t an issue, you can find something extravagant and beautiful. But, don’t waste hours scrolling through social media and online to find the next boutique to hit. Saving Grace Events can help locate the perfect dress or shop for you to visit, while also ensuring you are reminded of any appointments for try-ons and tailoring.

We don’t just stop at helping the bride and groom, but also the rest of the wedding party too. Does your mother-in-law have a specific designer she wants to wear or shop to visit? We can handle finding them the perfect outfit also.

Planning The Wedding Decor

There are so many ways you can decorate your winter wedding, sticking to a frosty theme or adding more luxe through the choices you make. There are hundreds if not thousands of wedding dressing companies who handle the decor for you and ensure everything is set up on the big day. But finding the perfect one who can handle even the most extravagant decor can be hard. You need to sit down with your groom and narrow down the ideas you have for the decoration. Once you know what you want and where, us here at Saving Grace Events can help you find the perfect suppliers and dressers.

Not everything will be able to come from the same company, but Saving Grace Events ensures that each company knows where they are going and when so when you finally walk into your venue everything is set up. Lighting, chairs, table decor and even flowers all need time and attention to look their best. Saving Grace Events can handle the booking and correspondence with the suppliers, so they know exactly what they are doing.

Have You Booked Entertainment?

Take your wedding to the next level with some unbelievable and creative wedding entertainment. Having a DJ or music prepared is a given, but you can shock your guests and make your big day memorable with something they won’t expect. Firework displays are a great way to mark your wedding day, lighting the sky in sparkles. There are many different companies out there, we just need to find the one who can give you a display you adore.

In winter weddings, we are seeing more couples prepared to save and spend, hiring animals like reindeer for their guests to interact with. This adds to the winter theme and provides your guests with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Make sure you have a photographer or photo booth for your guests to take home photo-favours at the end of the evening. Saving Grace Events can scour the country for the best top-quality entertainment and ensure everything is booked and ready for the big day.

How We Can Help

We hope you can see the benefits of hiring an event planner to help organise and plan your wedding day. Whether you are a Covid-bride or not, weddings place a tremendous amount of stress on a couple. In the months and weeks leading up to the big day, you should be excited, not worrying about what can go wrong or what isn’t booked yet. With the help of Saving Grace Events, our expert wedding planners can tick everything off the to-do-list and ensure there are measures and plans in place for any hiccups on the big day.

We can plan everything to the smallest detail like personalised favours or decor. We go to infinity and beyond to find the perfect pieces that make your day feel complete and keep in constant contact with you, so everyone knows where we stand. If you are interested in learning more about our services, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact today. Visit our website or call us today on 0333 987 4301 for an events organiser near you.

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