How to Organise Your Event Post-Covid-19

How to Organise Your Event Post-Covid-19

Covid-19 has cancelled everything from weddings to concerts, business events to family parties. During the lockdown, we had to remain home as much as possible for the safety of ourselves and the rest of the nation. But now lockdown is lifting we can start to reorganise our events as we settle into this ‘new normal’.

Perhaps you had an event planned for various speakers, a product launch or even an awards evening. No matter the nature of your event, there are multiple things you have to consider like venue, lighting, equipment, decor and perhaps even catering. If any of the suppliers or venues you were working with have suffered during Covid-19, then you may also be looking for alternatives for your new date.

At Saving Grace Events, we are experts at organising the best business events. We understand the needs and wants of businesses, as well as the stress planning events can place on employees. With connections, expertise and determination, we can handle everything from the venue to sounding equipment. Please keep reading to learn more about how you can successfully reorganise your event post-Covid-19, stress-free and safe for your guests.

Finding a Location

As restrictions begin to lift, larger groups of people are allowed to gather together. While the numbers remain small now, we anticipate these will continue to lift steadily over the next couple of months. PM Johnson announced that he wishes to see spectators back in stadiums in October, which is a great sign for those planning events in the winter months.

The number of guests you invite to your event is vital as it can dictate what type of location you choose. If you have fifty guests attending for a sit-down meal and awards night, then you need to look at hotels and venues that can both hold this number and cater to them. However, if you are having hundreds of guests for an exhibition, then you need to look at larger-scale venues which can accommodate your needs.

At Saving Grace Events, we know what to look for when it comes to venues. It is more than just capacity, but the parking availability, toilet facilities and much more. If you tell us the number of attendees and what you are looking for, we can narrow down the search and present a list of ideal venues in your desired location.

Back-Up Plans

Nothing is entirely certain anymore as we could enter lockdown in a few months or have restrictions put back in place. But this shouldn’t stop you from planning your event. As it stands, restrictions are easing, and larger-scale events are being held. You should continue reorganising your event as though restriction will continue to ease as the day approaches.

However, what you shouldn’t do is forgo any back-up plans. You should always have a contingency plan in place for any event, even if Covid-19 didn’t exist. But, having plans in place in case things get cancelled or suppliers back out is even more critical now. Make sure you have a thorough chat with your venue about what will happen if we are placed back in lockdown – will you get deposits back or can you rearrange with them in the future? Ensure everything they tell you is written in your contract before you sign. Similarly, talk to vendors about their policies in the ‘new normal’ of a world with Covid-19.

Here at Saving Grace Events, we understand the importance of being prepared and can handle all of these conversations for you and ensure you choose vendors and venues who can accommodate last-minute changes due to Covid-19.

Make Your Guests Feel Safe

When asking guests to attend an event live in a venue, you have to be considerate of the ‘new normal’ and some anxieties these guests may have. Even as the number of active cases drops and restrictions are lifted, some people are still very anxious about being around other people. As much as they want to enjoy themselves at your event, they can question whether or not it is safe.

Consider the ways restaurants and other venues are trying to reassure their visitors. Masks are being made mandatory in shops, staff are making temperature checks in airports and restaurants, and social distancing is still being advised. When reorganising your event, you need to consider the ways that you can make your guests feel safe. Temperature checks on the door is a quick and easy way to ensure everyone entering is healthy. Masks may or may not be mandatory by the time your event comes around – just keep up-to-date with the government’s latest advice. As for social distancing, PM Johnson wants to reduce the 1-meter social distancing rule by November.

Virtual Events

One way you can reorganise your event without fear of it being cancelled or going wrong is to host a live virtual event. With so many other events like Brighton Pride going online, virtual events are swiftly becoming the new mode of promoting products, hosting speakers and presenting awards.

Virtuality doesn’t take away from the experience of an event, but rather adds a technical flair which will impress your audience. At Saving Grace Events, we have two studios which can amplify the impact of your events and connect you with an audience no matter how large. With VR and AR available, we can make your event appear professional and sophisticated, as well as utilise Google Cardboard to make your audience feel like they are in the room with you. With technicians on hand to help you make the most of the set, you can be assured that the event will go ahead without a hitch. Get in contact with us today to learn more about both our studios and the various packages we have to offer.

Saving Grace Events is a leading event planning company who has the experience and expertise to help you plan your event, whether that be for business or pleasure. In a post-Covid-19 world, reorganising events may be stressful and exhausting. Let our trained event and wedding planners take control and help you prepare and host an outstanding and memorable event.

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