How To Galvanise Your Workforce Post Covid-19

How To Galvanise Your Workforce Post Covid-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it won’t come as a surprise that a lot of workforces are beginning to worry about maintaining their culture, team identity and engagement while at work. Whether this is because employees are working remotely, meetings and events have become virtual or that the team is missing that Friday night social, it’s highly possible that your team is feeling a little disconnected with the current work situation.

If you can relate, there’s no need to panic, this is a temporary situation and the perfect opportunity for you to excite your workforce for what’s to come post-Covid. Clearly lots of plans have been put on hold, not just from a work perspective but on a personal note too; many of your employees may have had holidays cancelled amongst other commitments. By creating an engaging plan of what your team members should expect after the pandemic, they will have something to look forward to and a sense of security which is very much needed right now. 

Continue reading this blog for our advice on how to galvanise your workforce post-Covid-19 so that productivity can be at an all-time high, and you can enjoy your working days as you and your team begin to look towards a brighter future for yourselves and your business.

Maintain Culture

Hopefully you have been considering your company culture, vision and values throughout the pandemic; communicating and bringing those brand values to life in your new temporary world. But if you haven’t thought about this – do this now. Remind yourself what your brand represents and the reasons your team love working for you and get creative.  How will you remind your team of what your culture is all about and how will you bring this to life, now, during transition and back in the “real world” of work.  

Team Building

If your team is lacking connection, morale and team spirit, either now or even before COVID-19, it’s time to take action and encourage relationship building. You can do this with specific team building activities that get them working together on a challenge or more simply in a social setting. By organising a social event or by merely treating the team to pizza one lunchtime a week, you will be giving them a reason to spend time together outside of the daily grind.

By getting to know each other and establishing friendships, you will soon notice that your team is working more collaboratively, developing a support network and communicating more effectively. You can also use this as an opportunity to incentivise your team, driving productivity. And to give your workforce something to look forward to.

Give Them The Plan

If you’ve got an idea of how you want the year ahead to pan out, share your plans with your team. Not only will you be getting them excited for the future of the business, their roles and what potential you all have as a team, but they will feel involved and be more determined than ever.

When people are working together towards a common goal, they are always more productive. You can use this to your advantage significantly; not only will your team work alongside you to meet targets, but they will be further driven and incentivised to achieve the company vision, especially if they too can progress and benefit in their own roles. 

Start New Schemes

When the world is moving into a new chapter, why not plan a new chapter for your workforce too? Set up new reward and recognition schemes such as employee of the month (think about values and behaviour, as well as performance) or more established working from home opportunities to improve their work-life balance. An example would be encouraging some of their lockdown behaviours to continue with a funded ‘cycle to work’ scheme; making a return to work a lot more exciting and rewarding, thus encouraging teams to be as productive as possible.

Get creative with your scheme, but at the same time, ensure that you think about your audience and team demographic by setting up systems that you know all members will be able to enjoy and will want to work towards.

Throw A Party

If a spectacular party isn’t enough to excite your workforce, what is? OK so we can’t all get together on mass right now, but you can take the time during lockdown to plan an event that shows your appreciation and gratitude for all that your employees have done during the period of the pandemic. Or, why not get them involved and brainstorm ideas for their ideal event over a Zoom call? The possibilities are endless when it comes to holding a special event. 

Introduce your workforce back to normality with a party where you can all celebrate not only for the hard efforts that have kept your business going through the global pandemic coming to an end but as a victory for our country. This will be a time that should be celebrated, and a time that everyone should be thankful for, and what better way to say thank you than with a party.

Say Thank You

As business owners and leaders, we are all keen to get back to work and start generating revenue and working towards our businesses targets. However, the past few months have not only been difficult for us, but they have been uncertain times for our employees too. Your teammates may have been worried about the future, been juggling working from home with homeschooling, been managing on reduced incomes or have been asked to work in roles and situations that they weren’t comfortable with.  

So, the first thing that you need to do when starting to return to some normality in the workplace is to say a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to your team members for their loyalty, flexibility, adaptability and understanding. A few authentic words of thanks can go a long, long way when engaging your workforce.

How We Can Help

Here at Saving Grace events, we are specialists in corporate events. We take time to understand the importance and ultimate goal of an event for your team or clients, so if you feel that you need some support to ensure that your event really hits the spot, achieves its objectives and is loved by every single guest, then we can do just that for you.

From venue finding and aesthetics to entertainment, catering and drinks services and even event marketing/print collateral and conference content, we consider every detail. As a full-service agency, we design and deliver events from start to finish, bringing your vision to life and more. 

Whether your event is serious and informative or fun and upbeat, we will work together to produce an engaging event with relevant and valuable content that has all of your guests talking about it for years to come for all of the right reasons.

Have we given you inspiration on how to galvanise your workforce post-Covid-19? If you need more inspiration or support, contact us today on 0333 987 4301 for further information on our event services or visit our website to see more of our work, case studies and testimonials.

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