Tips For Planning The Ultimate Party

Tips For Planning The Ultimate Party

When planning the ultimate party, there are so many elements that need to be considered to ensure that the event achieves its purpose, while also keeping the guests entertained and satisfied. Whether it’s a birthday party, graduation do or a 2020 Christmas party, all of the following components added together to make the perfect recipe for an event to remember.

Please continue reading for our advice when planning the main details of a party, as well as how we can assist you in organising a party like no other. Here at Saving Grace Events, we have helped several clients throw the perfect party. Being experts in both private and corporate events, we know how to make each detail extra special. And here’s what we advise you to do for your party:

The Stationery

Before you begin to plan the details of the event itself, you must consider your stationery. Your event invitations are what is going to give all of your guests the crucial details of the dress code, address of the venue and at what time they should arrive. Not only that, but it’ll give them an idea of what to expect with these details and the design of the invite itself too.

Choose invitation designs that represent the theme of your bash, as well as your own personal style. Whether they’re digital or physical, use them to excite your guests and create the atmosphere of the night by decorating them and playing around with fonts. Remember, all crucial details of your event must be included; the dress code, arrival time, address, table plans, place names and menus, for instance. Also, make it easy for your guests to RSVP to your event and to give you any special requirements that they require.

The Venue

First of all, you need to consider what type of venue will be most suitable to host your party. Being the shell of any event, a great venue sets the tone for guests before they even set foot into the party. Therefore, making that first impression memorable and giving your guests that initial wow factor before undergoing the whole shebang will already prove your party to be successful.

For instance, if you are throwing a personal celebration for close friends and family such as a 50th Wedding Anniversary, a beautiful, intimate venue could be just the thing, but if you are going all out for a milestone birthday, you may want to consider a larger venue with multi-use spaces; giving you the opportunity to put your creativity to work. You also need to consider your theme or the overall feel that you want your event to accomplish. Does the venue work with this or can it be easily transformed to fit?

We recommend considering the other elements that you want before deciding on a specific venue as you need to make sure that your entertainment, for instance, can take place in your chosen site- or even fit for that matter!  Or should you have a dream venue in mind that you have your heart set on uncompromisingly, you will need to plan the other elements around its capabilities.

The Catering

The importance of food depends upon your event, but if food is an important element of your party then the thought that you put into the catering is just as relevant as the decor and entertainment. By experimenting with the type of food that you serve and how it is served, you can really bring a theme or event style to life. Also, you can use the food to play out a colour palette that’ll make the room décor pop.

You can also use food as décor to create a stunning centrepiece for an event. For example, using an elaborate cake or selection of desert stands against a backdrop can create a real photo opportunity. Or, for a rustic theme, try a beautiful foliage champagne wall.

The Entertainment

Having top-notch entertainment should be a given, nobody wants to hear a tone-deaf singer, see a clumsy juggler or ungainly dancer, but how are you meant to know what type of entertainment works best for which kind of party? If you’re in need of inspiration, head over to google and look at how other people have tried to achieve a similar look, feel or theme to your party.

But the golden rule is to make sure that your entertainment ties in with your event and works with the flow of the party. For example, you wouldn’t necessarily want a live party band playing through dinner and equally, you don’t want to send your guests to sleep with a harpist at midnight.

Think outside of the box, it doesn’t always have to be a singer and a DJ,  if you are throwing a big birthday party, something a little more on the wild side such as exotic dancers or flame throwers would give it that extra sparkle for such a celebration. Give your guests something to remember your event by.

The Decor

Now that you have your venue sorted, you need to figure out how you’re going to dress the space that you’re working with. The decor is obviously very dependent on the nature of the party and the venue you are working with; you might have grand ideas but a small venue or a huge space and no idea where to start. However, as with all parties, getting the decorations right will bring the room to life, as well as make your guests feel extra special and wowed so it’s important to consider the space and what’s appropriate for the event type.

If you’re throwing a christening for a baby, for instance, a balloon wall arrangement paired with cloud hanging decorations for a boy would work fantastically. For a girl, why not try to bring nature into the mix? Have leaf boas hanging from the ceiling with beautiful flowers flooding the tables. 

For birthday parties, focus on a theme and work to it either subtly or extravagantly; shout out about it and have your guests come dressed for the occasion. If your space is open, look for big statement pieces and displays that can fill a large setting; for instance, flower walls and balloon displays- but don’t forget to add the little touches too. If you are dressing a more intimate space, focus on design elements that won’t overwhelm and capitalise; your guests will notice the finer details more so.

The possibilities are endless; it’s just knowing who the party is aimed at, as well as keeping it aesthetically pleasing. 

If you need extra assistance after reading these tips for planning the ultimate party, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Here at Saving Grace Events, we put the special in special occasions. By thoroughly planning out every little detail, we have had the pleasure of planning some of the best parties that our clients have ever attended.

In terms of your budget, it’s a good idea to have a brief idea of how much you’re willing to spend before you seek out an events organiser. Here at Saving Grace, we take it upon ourselves to manage your budget while organising your party so that you’re always given the best value for your money, you’re spending your money wisely and in order to achieve maximum impact, while also ensuring that you’re not overspending.

No matter the nature of your private event, we will make it a high-quality party with extra added sparkle to ensure you and your guests have the most incredible time and create magical memories. Head over to our website to check out our case studies of previous private parties that we have worked on, and for our contact details. Let’s make it a party to remember together.

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