The How-To of Hosting Virtual Events

The How-To of Hosting Virtual Events

Pre-Covid-19, live events were held every week by hundreds of businesses across the UK. Events like awards ceremonies, product showcases, trade-shows, and open-days are all vital for companies to promote their services and boost awareness. However, in a post-Covid-19 world, we are having to adapt to keep our businesses alive and thriving. If you want to host an event post-Covid-19, then you need to think about the ways you can make this happen safely.

One sure way of hosting an unforgettable event for an unlimited number of people is to turn to technology. Virtual events are on the rise as businesses see the benefits of hosting an event from a studio and streaming it to hundreds and thousands of people worldwide. Audiences don’t have to leave their home to experience trade shows or receive awards from CEOs.

If you are planning a business event in the near future, you must consider virtual events. But planning one is hard for those unaware of the necessary details. Here at Saving Grace Events, we understand what needs to happen to make a virtual event a top-quality experience for guests. We even have two studios available for clients looking to have the best technology and support on hand.

Type Of Virtual Events

The variety of events you can host virtually is a long list, meaning no matter your business needs, you can fulfil them with a virtual event. Awards ceremonies can be held in one location, streaming everything from start to finish to employees and guests in the comfort of their own home – just like the Oscars! If you have a trade show or product showcase, you can still have a venue for the products to be present, but host a walk-through virtually where you talk about the products in-depth.

Businesses inviting speakers to share their knowledge with employees can host chat show-style events in a studio and do a question and answer based segment before or after a speech. The addition of two camera hands in one of our packages takes your event to the next level, with a set up not dissimilar to a TV-set.

Virtual events aren’t a fad born out of Covid-19, but rather a ‘new normal’ which offers fantastic and real results. We shouldn’t be one to diminish the results of virtual events but instead, see the benefits of hosting live events online and the impact these can have on our audiences.

Online Virtual Studios

Saving Grace Events has two virtual studios packed with top-quality technology to ensure your virtual live event looks and feels professional. In both our studios, we have packages available where on-site technicians can support the sound, lighting and camera work, allowing you to focus on what is essential – presenting your event. As event organisers, we can help hire everything you need like guest speakers, entertainment and even deliver gift bags to your at-home guests.

Your virtual live event can take place in our studios, with different amenities and technical support based on the needs of your event. If you are looking to have a sit-down chat with several speakers, then we can arrange for a couch and set the studio up in a relaxed, but professional style. Or, if you are looking for something more formal akin to a presentation, then our VR and AR package allows you to have presentations, photographs and much more displayed on the screen at home for your audience while you present behind a podium.

Realistic, Virtual Experience

A virtual live event doesn’t have to feel like a Zoom call. With our studios and on-hand help, we can ensure that your audience feels like they are in the room with you. One of our packages offers Google Cardboard, where your guests at home are given a realistic 180-degree view of the studio. Not only does this enhance the experience for them, but it also allows you to reach a broader audience even in a smaller studio. Gone are the expensive venue hiring costs, as you no longer need to fit hundreds of people in one room. 

While your audience may be sat at home in their comfy clothes, it doesn’t mean they aren’t getting the full virtual experience. The mix of technology and time in planning a virtual event ensures that your audience feels immersed, whether they are watching a trade-show or a presentation.

Check out our website to learn more about Saving Grace Events and how we can support your virtual event needs. With experience and expertise in hosting virtual events, we know what needs to happen to make a virtual event memorable for your audience. Saving Grace Events has a top-class team with experience in a range of events; get in contact with us today to learn more about our event planning services.

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