Our Top 2023 Event Trends

What a year! From a three-day reward and recognition event in Dubrovnik to a graduation ceremony, store launches, summer parties, a fundraising brunch, corporate and private festive events, employee engagement events, and more, we’ve had a busy 2022! As 2023 comes into focus, our Founder Rebecca has put together her top event trends for the year ahead. Read on for her predictions…



Whilst virtual and hybrid events have come a long way, particularly in the past two years, nothing can truly beat the experience of a face-to-face event, and this has certainly been our experience this year. Virtual event technology will continue to evolve, and it’s undoubtedly hybrid and virtual events are here to stay. However, the trend towards in-person events will surely only grow in 2023. For instance, you would struggle to replicate the levels of employee engagement from three days in Dubrovnik, by doing it virtually. No VR headset is that good!



People want memorable experiences, perhaps now more than ever before. How can in-person events continue to compete with ever-increasing immersive virtual events? This question is one of the driving factors behind the demand for ‘experience-first’ events. For example, an employee engagement event that puts the experience first is more likely to be engaging, and what better way to engage people than with creative concepts and unique venues? We believe as event technology evolves, in-person events will need to be more and more engaging and experiential. Luckily, mind-blowing events are what we do best! From organising Five Guy’s three-day reward and recognition event in Dubrovnik to Natalie Kate Moss Trust’s 10-year celebration event under Concorde, we specialise in the spectacular!




Sustainability is certainly a key priority for the events industry, as event professionals continue to think of more ways to be greener. There is of course a long way left to go, but I am confident sustainable events will grow in 2023. In ICE’s 2020 survey, ‘ensuring the sustainability of their events’ was voted the second most important issue facing corporate event planners over the next three years by 70% of respondents.[i] At Saving Grace Events, we understand how important sustainable events are to out clients. When delivering for our client Tatton Park Pop Up Festival, we ensured that 0% of the waste went to landfill and that every piece of rubbish was recycled. We also made sure to use local suppliers and traders to reduce our carbon footprint and support local businesses.



From AI to VR, technology is ever-evolving. New technology has made some pretty big advancements in the events industry, and it seems there is always something new to keep up with. Technology played a major role in virtual and hybrid events during covid, in particular. Whether it’s ticketing systems, chatbots, live streams or facial recognition for contactless check-ins, event technology is sure to keep advancing into the new year and beyond.



Growing awareness of issues around diversity and inclusion is an important factor to consider for the events industry, especially as we go forward into 2023. The AMEX Global Event Trends Forecast highlighted this, with 87% of respondents saying their organisations actively strive to incorporate diversity, equality, and inclusion into their meetings and events.[ii] From ensuring a diverse panel of speakers to making sure venues are accessible, these are key points to consider. This is also important to Saving Grace Events. For example. at one of the children’s productions we delivered, a client pointed out that the show didn’t have any princesses who their mixed-race child could identify with. We took this on board, ensuring that the next show did have a mixed-race princess.


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