influencers for corporate events

Leveraging Influencer Marketing for Event Promotion

The world of event promotion has dramatically evolved, and one of the most effective strategies to emerge is the partnership with micro-influencers. They are the power users who have between 1,000 to 50,000 followers on social media. Even more in some cases. Whilst they may not be global superstars, their influence in specific niches is substantial.

A 2021 Influencer Marketing Hub study found that micro-influencers boast seven times the engagement of macro-influencers, making them invaluable assets for your event promotion.

Why Influencers are Game-Changers

Micro-influencers possess what larger influencers and celebrities often lack – authenticity and a high engagement rate. They have tight-knit communities of followers who trust their opinions and recommendations. These influencers are relatable, and their endorsement can act as a powerful testament to your event’s appeal.

Unveiling Their Secret Sauce for Success

To put this into perspective, let’s delve into some real-life success stories. The ‘Sound of Summer’ music festival partnered with 50 local micro-influencers who created engaging content about the event. The result was a staggering 35% increase in ticket sales compared to the previous year, with 20% of the sales attributed directly to the influencers’ promotional codes.

In another inspiring example, Jane Anderson, a fashion blogger with 15,000 Instagram followers, partnered with the ‘Fashion Forward’ conference. This collaboration led to a 30% increase in registrations, with Anderson stating, “The response from my followers was overwhelming. They felt personally invited and excited about the event. It was rewarding to be a part of something that connected with my audience so deeply.”

The Surprising ROI of Influencer Partnerships

Now, let’s talk numbers. According to Nielsen Catalina Solutions, every dollar spent on influencer marketing can generate up to $11 in ROI. This below graph illustrates how more and more businesses are investing in influencer marketing due to the potential it has to outperform other marketing methods by a substantial margin.


Influencer Partnerships: How to Get Started

Identify the Right Influencers: The first step is to find influencers who align with your event’s values and audience. Use tools like Buzzsumo or Klear to identify potential partners.

Craft a Personalised Pitch: Reach out to these influencers with a personalised pitch explaining why you believe they’re a good fit. Don’t just send a generic email; tailor it to highlight what makes them special.

Empower Them: Give your influencers the creative freedom to promote your event in their style. They’ve earned their followers’ trust because of their authenticity, so let them do what they do best.

Track Your Results: Use unique promo codes, dedicated landing pages, or trackable links to measure the impact of your influencers’ efforts. This data will help you fine-tune your future campaigns.

Exploring Further: The Future of Micro-Influencer Partnerships

As we look towards the future, the trend of micro-influencer partnerships is expected to gain even more momentum. According to Business Insider, influencer marketing spend is projected to reach $15 billion by 2022, with micro-influencer partnerships forming a significant chunk of this investment.

A Modern Strategy for Corporate Events?

Traditionally, corporate events have relied on methods like email marketing and word-of-mouth for promotion. However, the advent of influencer marketing presents a fresh, effective way to boost event awareness and attendance. This approach can make your event resonate with a wider audience and even encourage more active participation.

This shift is encouraging businesses to focus more on building authentic relationships with their audience. By aligning with micro-influencers, they can tap into these influencers’ passion and enthusiasm, helping to create events that are not only successful but also memorable.


Identifying the Right Influencers

When planning a corporate event, look for influencers who hold sway in your industry. These could be thought leaders, industry experts, or popular professionals who have a strong digital presence. They should align with your event’s theme and audience.

For instance, if you’re hosting a tech conference, partnering with a renowned tech blogger or podcast host can yield tremendous results. They can share insights about your event, create anticipation, and drive their audience to register.

When it comes to promoting a staff party event, you may consider engaging external influencers or even local celebrities who align with your brand values. Alternatively, you could leverage your own employees as ’employee influencers’.

To keep it authentic, choose influencers who genuinely resonate with your brand. For Five Guys, this could be a food blogger, a local celebrity who’s a fan of their burgers, or a fitness enthusiast who appreciates their dedication to fresh, quality ingredients.


Integrating Influencers into Your Event

Incorporate your influencers into the event planning process as much as possible. Their unique insights can help shape the event to appeal better to your target audience. They can play roles such as keynote speakers, panel moderators, or even attendees who will share their experience live.

In the lead-up to the event, these influencers could post sneak peeks of the party event preparations – think behind-the-scenes footage of the venue set-up, menu teasers, or fun entertainment elements. This helps build anticipation, not only among employees but also among the followers of these influencers.

During the event, influencers could share real-time updates, capturing the excitement, camaraderie, and overall positive atmosphere. Stories about employees being rewarded, teams bonding over activities, or everyone simply having a great time can make for compelling content.

To highlight the brand’s ethos, influencers could share specific elements of the party that reflect a company’s values – such as quality (gourmet food), fun (great entertainment), and community (team activities).

Post-Event Engagement

Following the event, influencers could share their impressions, focusing on how the event was a reflection of Five Guys’ commitment to its employees and its values. Employee testimonials, pictures, and videos could be compiled into a post-event blog or vlog, which could then be shared on company channels and by the influencers.

Influential Branding – The Key to Success

Sometimes, an event isn’t just an event. It’s a chance to market yourself further. Influencers are more than just a marketing trend. They represent a fundamental shift in how businesses can effectively promote their events and their brand. Their authentic promotion, high engagement rates, and impressive ROI make them an invaluable part of any event promotion strategy.

So, if you’re planning your next event, remember: Success could be just a micro-influencer away.