A Guide To Reorganising Events Post Covid-19

A Guide To Reorganising Events Post Covid-19

It’s safe to say that everyone is feeling either anxious, uneasy, stressed or concerned about the future post-pandemic, and for a good reason too. However, one thing that we must remember is that there will be a post-pandemic. Our planet will continue to function when the COVID-19 Virus has been controlled. Because of this, it is vital that we have something to look forward to, especially if its an event that wasn’t able to take place during the beginning of the year.

Many weddings, birthday parties and even corporate events have had to be postponed or worse, cancelled in order to keep social distancing conditions vigilant and people’s health at a lower risk. We can’t imagine the disappointment of those who were looking forward to their special occasion, but this doesn’t have to be the be-all, end-all.

It’s time that we thought of a contingency plan. Whether you take this opportunity to improve on your already-planned event for when it is re-scheduled now that you have extra cash saved or you simply plan an even more exciting version, you can take this negative and turn it into a positive. Continue reading this blog post for our guide to reorganising an event post-Covid-19.

Event Planners

First of all, stay calm. We realise how incredibly important to you your event is, as well as how important it is to your suppliers too. If you have hired a good supplier, they will be doing the utmost to explore ways in which they can go forward while supporting and working with you.

If you are using an event organiser, it is their job to assist you when reorganising your event. Make sure that you are taking full advantage of their expertise so that you are guaranteed for a re-schedule; it won’t be the first time that they have had to reorganise an event and it won’t be the last. 

If you are taking on the responsibility of reorganising your event on your own, we recommend that you engage with an organiser if things begin to feel a little overwhelming; they can simply support you in the organisation.

Be Quick

If your event hasn’t already been cancelled because of the uncertainly of when the Global Pandemic will be over, contact your suppliers yesterday. By speaking to them as soon as possible, you will have a greater chance at choosing a date to suit you and your guests, as opposed to the very few that are left once other individuals have re-scheduled.

Before contacting then, make sure that you have a very vivid idea of the dates that you are most interested in and what service you will be expecting. Ensure that you’re fully aware of the terms of your contract with your suppliers; you don’t want to find out that they aren’t liable to re-schedule for you so that you miss out on using their services.

Conversation Is Key

By having open conversations with your suppliers, you can work together when event planning. Regardless of the contractual terms, all suppliers including venue, entertaining, decorators, stationery and event planners should offer maximum flexibility when changing your booking or orders to a suitable date for you. This is simply best practice and the ethical thing to do – we are, after all, all in this together.

Please understand that you may need to be flexible too; if the alternative dates or service isn’t what you originally wanted, remember that they are doing everything in their power to reorganise the perfect event for you. If the supplier cannot meet your revised needs, converse with them about how you can come to a compromise.

Communicate Effectively

Following on from the last point, you must communicate effectively to get anywhere. By communicating equally, you won’t run the risk of being told by a third party that an element of your event is no longer available. Be open and transparent, and your suppliers will be too.

Lastly, do not stress… No matter the date, how it looks or who turns up to your event, it will be a hit for you and your guests. Has our guide to reorganising events post Covid-19 helped you? Here at Saving Grace Events, we go the extra mile to organise events that exceed expectations and wow guests. We specialise in both private and corporate events and pride ourselves in adding a little fairy dust to any project that we get approached with. 

If you’re tired of the mundane business events or you want to organise an extra special birthday bash for when your loved one hits a milestone, we can give you the ingredients for recreating your vision. Contact us today on 0333 987 4301 or through our website for further information on how we can assist you when planning your dream event.

Due to the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, we have taken it upon ourselves to begin organising virtual events for businesses and for personal occasions too. If you’d like to find out how we can organise you a virtual function during the current situation that you and all of your guests can still thoroughly enjoy, drop us a message today.

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