5 Best Venues to Hire for Corporate Events in Manchester

Every event has a soul, a heartbeat, an essence that flows through its duration, binding attendees in a shared experience. The cornerstone of this ambiance? The venue. Finding the right location does more than just host; it accentuates, elevates, and resonates with the event’s spirit. An ideal venue complements the event’s theme, makes attendees comfortable, and most importantly, transforms a regular gathering into a memorable spectacle.

Enter Manchester, with its eclectic blend of history and modernity, offering a myriad of venues. Let us take you on a journey, unveiling these venues, not as mere brick and mortar but as tales waiting to be told. Here’s what we think are the best venues to hire for your corporate event in Manchester.

Manchester’s Most Mesmerising Event Venues: An Insider’s Guide


1. Stoller Hall: The Symphony of Sophistication

In the heart of Manchester lies a place where architecture meets art. Our journey starts with the Stoller Hall, a venue gearing up to host one of our fabulous events next month. This isn’t just a hall; it’s a symphony of sophistication, blending state-of-the-art facilities with a majestic ambiance. When you step in, the grandeur welcomes you, setting the stage for unforgettable memories.

  • Just a heartbeat away in Manchester’s core.
  • Architectural beauty
  • Acoustic excellence
  • State-of-the-art facilities


2. Gotham: A Tale of Two Worlds

Imagine a place that encapsulates Manchester’s charm both under the starry sky and amidst historical walls. Gotham offers just that. With its rooftop for celestial soirées and a basement that whispers tales of old, it’s an all-season dual delight for every kind of event.

Events here become a story of contrasts, enchanting guests with both its settings.

Dual experiences:

  • Rooftop wonder – where events touch the stars
  • Historic basement – a world steeped in stories

Victoria Warehouse Venue Manchester

3. Victoria Warehouse – Unveiling The Tobacco Stores

The next stop on our journey is a venue reborn. Originally used for The Liverpool Warehousing Company to store cotton, fabrics and confectionary, the Victoria Warehouse is known for its raw industrial charm, including a brand-new space that’s been introduced called The Tobacco Stores.

Few know of its existence, but an event early next year by Saving Grace Events promises to put it on the map!

Here, history meets modernity, providing a backdrop that’s as intriguing as it’s inviting.

  • Rustic charm meets industrial elegance
  • Venue plays host to the likes of the Warehouse Project and fashion shows
  • Has recently been granted a civil service license to hold weddings
  • A new, almost-secret space

event with concord in background

4. Concorde Conference Centre: Where Dreams Take Flight

Our journey takes an upward trajectory, bringing us to the Concorde Conference Centre. Memories of NKM’s 10th Anniversary that we hosted still linger here. It’s more than a venue; it’s an escapade. The Hangar offers the uniqueness of hosting an event under the wings of the iconic Concorde is like crafting a tale where reality and fantasy entwine.

  • Nestled at the Runway Visitor Park
  • Unique feature – Dining under the Concorde’s wings
  • Get a taste of what it was like to fly on Concorde with a trip on board

Radisson Edwardian

5. Radisson Edwardian: An Oasis of Elegance

Nestled amidst Manchester’s bustling streets lies the Radisson Edwardian. Even before its multi-million-pound renovation, the hotel embodied a sense of community and union.

The iconic Grade II-listed Free Trade Hall promises a blend of luxury and intimacy, making smaller corporate events feel like exclusive gatherings. Here, each event becomes an elegant affair, whispered about in corridors of businesses far and wide.

  • Located in Manchester’s vibrant heart
  • A blend of luxury and intimate settings
  • Grade II-listed building


*Other Venues of Note – Manchester’s Timeless Treasures

While our journey through Manchester’s finest venues is drawing to a close, there are a few more gems that deserve an honourable mention:

Manchester Cathedral: An emblem of history and spirituality, this Gothic marvel is not just a place of worship but also a venue echoing centuries of tales and traditions.

Science and Industry Museum: Merge the worlds of discovery and delight. Nestled among Manchester’s historic sites, this museum provides a backdrop that’s both intellectually stimulating and visually captivating.

The Monastery Manchester: A tranquil oasis in the city’s heart, it flawlessly combines historical grandeur with modern amenities, promising an event infused with serenity and elegance.

Each of these locations offers a unique blend of character and charm, ready to add a distinctive touch to your next event.

Which Manchester Venue Will Tell Your Tale?

It’s clear that Manchester is not just a city; it’s a tapestry of tales, each venue narrating its own. Whether you’re looking for grandeur, intimacy, history, or modernity, Manchester has a venue for your event to create your own story.

Remember, it’s not just about booking a venue; it’s about choosing the setting for your next amazing event.

So, which story are you going to tell?